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When is registration?
2017 Registration is the last Saturday of July (July 28th) and the following Wednesday (Aug 1st) at Bellmont High schools’ baseball field.
Saturday 7-11AM
Wednesday 5-7PM
Do I need a physical?
Yes. A 2018 physical is required and must be provided to the DFL before the first practice. A physical form is provided on the tab to the left. Have your physician complete this form.
Who is eligible to play in the DFL?
Only students enrolled in 5th and 6th grades at Adams Central, North Adams or Adams County parochial schools will be allowed entrance.

All players cannot turn 13 years old before August 15, 2018.
Do I need to purchased additional equipment?
Each player will be issued all necessary equipment. Cleats are recommended but not required. Metal cleats are not allowed.
Are teams divided by school
Yes, teams will be created based on the school the player attends.
ie Bellmont or Adams Central
Does the DFL offer Physicals?
No. The DFL does not offer physicals
How Much does it cost to play DFL.
Do I need to buy a mouthpiece?
A mouthpiece will be provided at registration. If you failed to get one, one will be provided at the first practice.
What do I need to bring to registration?
Parent or guardian signed registration form and $40 to one of the registration sessions. Bring a copy of your 2017 physical if already completed.
The player cannot be at registration. Can a parent pick up the equipment?
If the player cannot attend a registration, but a parent can, please attend to complete registration anyway. The equipment will be issued to the player at a later time. It must be custom fit. Please note in the registration form, if you know this is the case.
I cannot attend either registration. What should I do?
If you cannot attend either registration, you will be allowed to play, but it causes a lot of additional work for the league, so please do your best to attend one of the scheduled registration times. contact you schools commissioner.
When do I get my equipment?
All necessary equipment, including a mouthpiece, will be provided to you at registration. Shoes are not provided. You are responsible for returning all equipment at the end of the year.
I need to carpool with another player?
Submit your request at day of registration. Legitimate request will be reviewed, but not guaranteed approval.
How many games and practices are there?
there will be 5 games
When is the first practice?
Practice will start the week of Aug 20th.
What if can’t be at practice?
Contact your coach, do not contact the league.
Coaches are your contact.
What if the weather gets bad and my player is at practice?
If lightning is present or threatening, Parents go get your player immediately.
What if I get hurt?
Notify your coach and parents immediately?
What time are practices and games?
you will be notified by your coach.
What if my equipment does not fit, is missing or damaged?
Your coach will address all equipment issues at the first practice. Do not call a DFL official about equipment issues.
My helmet is too tight?
Most players believe their helmet is too tight. We do our best to fit them properly the first time, but if any adjustment is needed, it will be addressed at the first practice. Do not call the league.
Do I need football shoes?
Football cleats are not required but are encouraged. You may wear tennis shoes, baseball or soccer cleats. NO metal cleats and/or spikes are allowed.
Do I need an athletic supporter?
It is not a requirement of the DFL
Is there a weight limit for BALL CARRIERS ?
Yes, the weight limit for a BALL CARRIER is 115lbs.
When are games and practices and how long is the season?
5 Games are played on 5 Saturdays beginning Sept 9th. including 3 weeks of pre-season, the season is 7 weeks from start to finish.
Do I need to bring water?
This will vary by team. Your coach will advise you. We recommend taking water to the first practice.
What if the weather is bad?
This is football, you will play/practice in rain, snow, heat and cold. You will not play/practice with lightning present. Check the league website and facebook page for weather related information.
What if I cannot be at a game?
Notify your coach. Do not contact the league.
Does the DFL have medical insurance?
$25,000 secondary medical coverage is provided for each player. The insurance fee is included in the registration cost.
How do I make an insurance claim
Contact your school's commissioner for the required form.
Do I get to keep my jersey or equipment?
NO. you must return all jerseys and equipment to the DFL at the completion of the league season.
Why do some players have red stripes on their helmets?
A player weighing more than 115 pounds is not allowed to advance the football and will be marked with a red stripe.
Is anyone in the DFL paid?
Only the licensed Referees are paid. EVERYONE else is a volunteer, including ALL Board members and Coaches.
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